Selektia Italia srl is a company founded as a result of the passion for truffle which has characterized the history and life of generations of Calugi family.

banner-70x100-inglSelektia company is situated in the heart of Tuscany between the rich hill vineyards and olive trees, and near important place where the truffle grows. Why this kind of name? Because Selektia wants to be synonymous of accurate selection of truffle and other fruits that earth gives us like mushrooms and typical vegetables.

The first products line of the company is -Selektia truffle- . Considered the diamond of the kitchen for centuries, truffle is still today one of the most precious fruit of the earth and Selektia offers a selection of the best fresh and picked white, “bianchetto” and black truffles and has a wealth of proposals for enjoying this product, on its own pure, in delicious sauces, aromatized butter and oils and many other products.

However the love for fine food doesn’t stop to truffle but is extended also to other fruits of the earth like mushrooms and vegetables like artichokes, tomatoes, olive, little onions. Together with the truffle line Selektia propose two other range of products.

-Selektia mushrooms- The most appreciated mushrooms, Porcini (Boletus) and other kind of mushrooms can be eaten raw, with a sauce, grilled, fried or preserved in oil.

-Selektia gourmet- Delicious recipes, gastronomic expertise and a passion for quality ensure that with this products line you can find all the flavors and fragrances of Tuscany tradition that offers good sauce, tasty first courses and delicious vegetable preserved in oil.

For Selektia Italia quality is a vocation which is  reflected in the unique flavor of the products of the earth such as vegetables and fruits which are the precious raw materials used for its three lines of products.

All of this and more is Selektia, a company that wants to preserve the local tradition looking at the future and at the innovation trying to open its self to new country and new market.

Selektia Italia srl


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