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Welcome to the July-August issue of Grocery Trader. Barcode Festival returned to Magazine London on 6th July, for its annual fundraising summer event, raising over £1 million for the first time in the event’s five-year history. Grocery Trader caught up with Mandi Leonard, Welfare Director, GroceryAid to find out more about the festival and the work of the charity.


There is general consensus that smoking alternatives play a pivotal role in helping smokers quit tobacco which remains the biggest threat to life in the UK. According to ASH, youth use of e-cigarettes almost doubled over the past year and the use of disposables has increased almost ninefold from 2021 to 2023 with 11.6% of 11-17 year olds now using or experimenting with vaping products.

Co-op is taking action to break the ‘Class Ceiling’, as new research has found that a significant number of people believe that what they achieve in life is dictated by their background. Nearly a fifth (17%) of UK adults believe they have missed out on a job due to their background, accent or social status, with a tenth (10%) of people revealing that they have been teased for their accent. As a result, a quarter (26%) have changed the way they look for a job interview and a tenth (11%) have changed the way they speak at work.

While food costs have risen globally, the UK has been hit particularly hard; in April, food inflation was 19% – the highest in Western Europe. In response, UK consumers have changed their spending behaviours when deciding what’s for dinner. 62% of British and Irish consumers said they were eating and drinking out less, 55% were ordering less takeaway, and 38% were finding ways to make meals that eliminate food waste, writes Tim Mason, Chief Executive Officer at Eagle Eye.

Economic headwinds are forcing most industries to find avenues of diversification to secure stability and generate growth. For retailers, the winds are blowing favourably down the digital aisles and encouraging many to explore new strategies to diversify revenue streams, boost growth and satisfy shareholder demands, writes David Muldoon, VP Strategic Advisory, MediaLink.

The retail calendar year is a busy one. The industry plays a pivotal role in making fixed seasonal events special, in setting the tone, creating the ambience and making every occasion memorable. Whether Christmas, Hanukkah, Diwali, Passover, Easter, Holi or Eid al-Adha, or one-offs such as sporting events or the King’s Coronation, there is an expectation that stores will be stocked with an abundance of event-related products and branded merchandising to create the desired fanfare, writes Ed Betts, General Manager – Retail Lead Europe at Retail Express.

Enjoy reading the issue.

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