RH Amar, the UK’s leading fine food importer and distributor, is marking 70 years of driving trends in food and drink with the launch of a new fine food guide for retailers.


Aimed at helping retailers of all sizes make the most out of fine food, the four-page guide outlines the company’s expertise as it enters its eighth decade of growing sales for retailers, and offers tips and advice about where the next big trends are likely to come from.

Among the opportunities, RH Amar highlights seven key areas for retailers to look out for if they want to stay ahead of the game, as a series of factors – including the emergence of a new generation of discerning ‘Millennial’ shoppers – look set to leave their mark on the retail landscape:

Convenience – Easy to use formats, as well as smaller portions for single households, will be key for retailers looking to win in convenience.

Example solutions from RH Amar’s extensive porfolio include Geeta’s curry pastes and new small format dressings from Mary Berry’s.

Wellness & Health – With more than half of UK consumers already claiming to avoid foods high in fat, sugar and salt , stocking a range of free from foods – such as RH Amar’s new range of gluten free premium oats from Provena and gluten free soy sauce from Kikkoman – will become increasingly important.

Weight Management – In line with concerns over Wellness & Health, foods that fill up for longer and reduce appetite will flourish. Example solutions from the RH Amar stable include Cooks&Co Cous Cous and Cooks&Co Chick Peas.

Flavour – Consumer palates are evolving and shoppers are increasingly seeking high flavour accompaniments such as Geeta’s Chilli Pickle and Cooks&Co Pepperoncini Peppers.

Snacking – The idea of three square meals a day is already alien to many time-pressed consumers, with snacking throughout the day now increasingly common. And with consumer demand for healthy options increasing all the time, offerings like Crespo olives snacking pouches and Wellaby’s gluten-free bagged snacks are a great opportunity for retailers.

Cooking – More than nine out of 10 millennials say they regularly cook at home  and ingredients that combine excitement with usability will strike a chord. Example solutions include a range of high-flavour Italian tomatoes from Mutti, and flavoured baking and cooking pastes (including peppermint, coconut, lemon and almond) from Taylor & Colledge.

Provenance & Authenticity – Whether it’s the finest Mutti tomatoes from Italy or the purest Fairtrade vanilla from Taylor & Colledge, products with natural and clean ingredients and with traceable provenance will become increasingly important. RH Amar has an abundance of such foods throughout its range, including Gaea D.O.P. Extra Virgin Olive Oils from Greece, British rapeseed oil from Cooks &Co and the finest Balsamic vinegar from Modena-based Italian specialist Ortalli.

“As a company, we now operate across more than a dozen categories and represent in excess of 40 brands, so we’re confident we’ve picked up a few insights over the last 70 years when it comes to trend spotting,” explains RH Amar MD Rob Amar, whose grandfather Raoul founded the company in 1945.

“For example, we were responsible for driving both the olive and olive oil markets in the UK, and as well as helping retailers keep up to speed with the latest trends and predictions, our new four-page guide explains how retailers can get hold of the products they need in order to win in fine food.”

The guide – entitled ‘Helping Customers Grow Fine Food Sales’ – offers advice across a number of important fine food categories including Oils, Olives & Capers, and Dressing & Salad Accompaniments, and can be downloaded from www.rhamar.com.

Alternatively, retailers can email info@rhamar.com for more information.


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