To feed the nation’s growing appetite for flavours from across the globe, Unilever is launching a brand-new range of Asian inspired rice noodle pots under the Pot Noodle parent brand. 

Hitting shops now, Asian Street Style comprises four tasty, new variants: Thai Red Curry, Malaysian Laksa, Japanese Miso Noodle Soup and Vietnamese Beef Pho, which tap into the huge trend for world food flavours and popular street food dishes[1]. Delivering on taste with delicious and authentic recipes, the rice noodle range will also appeal to health-conscious shoppers, as each pot low in fat and under 250 calories. 

Lena Portchmouth, Brand Lead for Mini Meals, Unilever UKI, says: “Hectic lifestyles mean food has to fit around jam-packed schedules, so it’s no wonder food-to-go is experiencing such rapid growth. We know that shoppers are no longer satisfied with a sandwich or salad at lunchtime, instead they’re looking to try a variety of flavours as our taste palettes become more adventurous[2].

“New Asian Street Style not only gives consumers a choice of tasty rice noodle recipes for lunch, it also taps into the growing desire for healthier food choices, which don’t compromise on taste. We’re giving fans a taste of Asia in one handy pot, what’s not to love?!”

The new sub-brand is set apart from Pot Noodle and is designed to stand out in its own right, looking to draw a new demographic of shoppers into the instant noodle category. In line with Unilever’s bid to become more sustainable, the packaging is fully recyclable made up of an aluminium lid, clear plastic pot and cardboard sleeve.

Asian Street Style Thai Red Curry, Malaysian Laksa, Japanese Miso Noodle Soup and Vietnamese Beef Pho will all be available at the RRP of £1.75*

[1] IGD Think Tank, August 2017

[2] Wing Yip – Oriental Food Report 2016

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