KQF, the British halal food manufacturer, has announced the launch of its KQF Mosa® range – a series of ready-frozen samosa-style convenience foods, coated in pastry, breadcrumb or tempura batter.


“With the new Mosas, we’ve set out to create, in effect, a new category of convenience foods,” explains KQF Managing Director, Faruk Vali. “They combine the simplicity of traditional samosas with a range of new flavours and textures. They’re the result of a lot of trials and new product development work but we think customers will also sense something familiar about them.

They’re a similar size and shape to samosas, they’re just as easy to cook, and they work well either as a party food or on the dinner table. The big differences are the choices of coatings and fillings.

“In addition to conventional filo pastry, there’s a light tempura-style batter and a golden crumb that produces a satisfying crunch. The fillings range from traditional ingredients such as spiced lamb or mixed vegetables to more ‘international’ flavours such as chicken in jalapeno sauce.”

Like all KQF products, the products in the new Mosa range are certified halal by the HMC. They are produced under a quality assurance system that has achieved a ‘Grade A’ rating under the British Retail Consortium standard for food.

The new Mosas are available via retailers and the KQF online store – www.kqf-foods.com.

More details about KQF and its products can be obtained by calling its head office on 01254 56699

Tel: 01254 56699


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