• Kinder is focusing on its own themes with the introduction of bespoke ranges that will dial up the brand’s imagination positioning
  • The first license – Animal Adventures – will span across Kinder Surprise and Kinder Chocolate products, bringing together 21 toys with exciting playabilities and 8 interesting cards/stickers to promote education through play
  • Shoppers will also have the chance to win 1 of 3,000 play packs to keep the toys and fact cards/stickers in to promote repeat play, as part of a wider supporting campaign

Kinder, the number one Kids Confectionery brand since 2012[1], is bringing a world full of adventures to shoppers with the launch of its first ever owned license: Animal Adventures.

Covering Kinder Surprise and Kinder Chocolate, the Animal Adventures range aims to provide families with creative play and fun education. With 8 wild fact cards/stickers available within Kinder Chocolate packs, consumers can learn fun and interesting facts about the animals that will tap into children’s thirst for learning.

Kinder Surprise will also inspire children with 21 different animal themed toys to help spark their imaginations and create memories as they play with their families. Each toy will include special features, such as different fabrics to replicate fur or feathers or realistic movements to mimic the animals.

Shoppers will also have the chance to win 1 of 3,000 play packs, which includes a case that they’ll be able to store and keep their toys and wild fact cards to help kids play and learn for longer. Shoppers can find more details at https://www.kinder.com/uk/en/.

Levi Boorer comments: “Kids are fascinated by animals and the worlds they live in, so our Animal Adventures range will be the perfect source of inspiration to aid play and learning. This new range will bring shoppers even closer to what Kinder is all about – encouraging imagination through play and learning.  We’re always looking to add extra value to our products, and we’re delivering that by ensuring that we provide interesting bite sized facts alongside the realistic features on our toys. These will help our products last beyond that initial moment of excitement to support sustained imaginative play.”

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