kikkomanKikkoman, market leader in the manufacture of soy sauce in Europe is launching an all encompassing European advertising and marketing campaign under a brand new creative – +K (Kikkoman). The +K visual will appear across Kikkoman’s European operating markets and has been developed to allow messages and pr activity to be tailored for individual markets.

Ben Briody, sales and marketing manager of Kikkoman’s UK operation says: “+K is very flexible creative and will work well for a wide range of activity. The +K can represent a wide range of messages. For example, chicken+K shows how a simple, everyday ingredient can be transformed in to something special with the addition of Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce. Or it could be used to make a statement such as health +K, showing how Kikkoman can be used as a seasoning for a range of healthy recipes. Our research indicates that unlike our European counterparts’ convenience, health, and delicious meal solutions are the way forward and so the UK campaign has been specifically tailored to reflect this.”

“Convenience, taste and health are an integral part of the ongoing pr campaign, with particular focus on using soy sauce as an everyday cooking ingredient. The aim is to overcome the perception that soy sauce is only suited to oriental cooking. In fact, a dash of soy sauce adds the much desired umami factor to all kinds of dishes, which contributes to great tasting food.”

Briody continues, “We believe greater understanding and knowledge on how to cook with soy sauce is key to increasing consumption and market growth. The +K stylish representation is designed to ensure Kikkoman Naturally Brewed Soy Sauce is seen as contemporary, distinctive, stylish and stands out from the crowd.”

Plans for 2010 include weighted investment in direct marketing to include a digital campaign. Kikkoman’s website will be given a complete makeover with interactive components added to reach a wider, younger audience. There will be a designated health section with guest appearances from celebrity chefs.

The new creative will appear in consumer magazines, and in store sampling is scheduled for later in the year.


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