Marks & Spencer joins the long list of principal retailers stocking the Carb Killa® range from Grenade®, the leading Active Nutrition and protein brand.

Renowned for their Carb Killa® range of tasty, low sugar, high protein snacks, Grenade® launched in 150 Marks & Spencer stores on the 24th July 2018. Due to overwhelming success, the Carb Killa® range is now being stocked nationwide in the ‘Food on the Move’ section of 984 Marks & Spencer stores, including Food Hall and Travel locations.

Initially stocked in two flavours, Jaffa Quake and Peanut Nutter®, Marks & Spencer will also be expanding the range to include a third flavour, Cookie Dough, as well as introducing both on shelf and off shelf POS assets, exclusive seasonal flavour options and targeted sampling campaigns.

“We are delighted to be working with Marks & Spencer and see it as an exciting step forward for us,” says Juliet Barratt, Co-Founder and CMO of Grenade®. “We look forward to working with them as a team, driving sales to the next level and continuing to grow our brand. Sales in the first two weeks have been outstanding, and we look forward to seeing the further growth of the Active Nutrition and protein sector in established multinational retailers like Marks & Spencer.”

About Grenade:

Founded in 2010 with an initial focus on high performance sports nutrition products, Grenade® has become the No.1 best-selling brand in the Active Nutrition and Healthy Snacking space. Since the launch of their Carb Killa® range in 2015, Grenade® Carb Killa® bars have become the best-selling protein bar on the market, outselling competitors by 45%*, and selling over 70 million units.

Juliet Barratt – Co Founder and CMO of Grenade® comments ‘High Protein bars and drinks are gaining prominence across mainstream channels. Many retailers are listing Grenade products at till points instead of traditional sugar / chocolate confectionary.  With the growing understanding of the importance of nutrition as part of a healthy lifestyle, an increased understanding of the benefits of protein and the demand for low sugar alternatives, Grenade® bars and shakes tick all the boxes without compromising on taste.’

With the continuing growth of the Healthy Snacking sector, Grenade® are well positioned with a pipeline of NPD. Juliet Barratt comments ‘Consumers want genuine healthy ‘on the go’ offerings and Grenade ® delivers.  With its sports nutrition heritage, products are made using high quality protein sources. We are working hard to ensure we continue to innovate in this space and deliver products that enable people to make healthier lifestyle choices without having to compromise on taste’

Grenade® support retailers with in store POS as well as a rapidly growing social media following. High levels of follow ship reflect the strength of the Grenade® brand and the excitement it generates with consumers.

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