The celebration of Christmas may be thousands of years old and the consumption of Christmas “Puddings” centuries old, but this does not deter artisan pudding makers like Cole’s from thinking of and introducing new products into this traditional market.
Following the successful introduction of the popular “Sing a Song of Sixpence” and the novel “Stollen” varieties in 2015 Cole’s have followed up with puddings which are guaranteed to be sure fire favourites in 2016.

Cole’s “Black Forest” Christmas pudding is a tasty treat for all the family containing Chocolate, Glace Cherries and spiced up with the addition of Kirsch. Jack Horner, could not have done better than to put in his thumb and draw out the new Festive Plum pudding from Cole’s. Made to a known recipe containing delicious vine fruits this pudding has the added twist of pure Apple Cider to really accentuate the fruity flavour.

Says Simon Hatcher, Operations Director of Cole’s: “The market may be traditional but it is changing. Consequently we are always on the lookout for different recipes and different pack sizes to constantly engage with our customers.”


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