Retailing is facing demographic, economic and technological changes, as well as the new requirements of time-starved, well informed, connected consumers now accustomed to the 24/7 convenience of the on-line shopping experience. Consumers look for better value and convenience to satisfy their immediate purchasing needs also off-line, desiring close and accessible shop locations especially beyond working hours.


Convenience stores play a crucial role in this scenario, but physical traditional shops require high investment and operating costs, are often impossible to set up within nonconventional yet high traffic areas, such as corporations, universities, metro stations, airports, hospitals etc. and, furthermore, they are slow to adopt innovation and integrate off-line and on-line experiences.

Automatic retailing is the new frontier of innovation providing proximity services and multiplying purchase opportunities, but the right technology must be available to offer advanced services and a flexible and engaging marketing retail mix.

The hi-tech Italian company WIB srl, has now designed an innovative system implementing stock handling, an interactive user experience and management technology, which is able to deliver a paradigm shift in convenience and automated retailing.

The WIB machine is a fully automatic, modular, e-commerce enabled vending store able to handle hundreds of SKUs (grocery, electronics, wine, pharma, …). Our patented technology manages entire shopping list orders with multiple goods picking, regardless of shape, weight and fragility. Besides onsite purchases, consumers can access WIB stores online, choosing the most convenient one from a map, buying via web or mobile, and picking up purchased items conveniently 24/7.

The WIB web-based approach and tools offer strategic advantages to retailers who, remotely, will be able to:

• Access technical and commercial parameters;

• Boost revenues and sales through advanced sales techniques such as dynamic margin variations, combined promotions etc.

• Increase efficiency thanks to “out-of-stock” alerts, next replenishment suggestions, etc;

• Generate further revenue streams (ADV) and increase customer loyalty thanks to embedded Visual devices.

WIB storage capacity, can be quickly modified, adding/removing warehouse units. Each unit can store up to 50 SKU at multi temperature ranges.

WIB represents the best solution for all retail segments to set up, with low investment and operating costs, an actual store able to reach nonconventional strategic areas, boost FMCG and retail sales, and catch new trends and web-related opportunities, removing the pain for today’s demanding consumers.

Meet us at Retail Business Technology Expo 11-12 March 2014 stand 581.



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