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mShop is a mobile application developed on IOS and Android, allowing consumers to self- scan with their own phone in their favorite store. Since the appearance of self-scanning, retailers noticed that the average basket increased by nearly 20 %. The effectiveness of self-scanning goes further with mShop. And here is why:

picture-1-home-page[9]mShop appeared from the emergence of multi-channel sales and more precisely the convergence between stores and mobile services. Before opposed, each type of sale has its advantages.

The “physical” point of sale remains inescapable: receiving advice from seller, touching items, feeling like being a single customer … )

The “online” sales often offer interesting prices, rapid decision-making, and the ability to compare easily different products…

Retailers know how to combine sales on the “POS” (Point Of Sale) and “online” sales will benefit from these new types of distribution.

With mShop, the retailers have a powerful tool using new technologies. mShop provides an opportunity for retailers to use the mobility of smartphones, to combine sales and “online” services directly on the POS. The customer is at the center of decisions and will physically shop in the outlet store, while enjoying the benefits of selling “online”.

Today, consumers are willing to use their smartphones as a new purchasing channel. Indeed, according to various studies of consumers, 75% of respondents use their smartphone in a store, 53% are willing to pay with their mobile in a store and 30% are willing to receive promotions or discounts on their smartphones.

With this “win-win” application, mShop offers different features to the customers to make their shopping easier and fun. At the same time, mShop provides a solution for retailers in order to have a better understanding of the habits of their customers.

The principle is simple: the customers scan items with their smatphone while purchasing and check in real time the amount of the items bought. From now on, they will be able to use their own shopping lists they have created by incorporating items from the store or from promotional catalogs received directly on their smartphones. Consumers create, change or delete their shopping lists whenever and wherever they want. They consult each item they have choose (Kcal, composition, allergens alerts…).

MSHOP-logo-détouré[6]Once they’ve done their shopping, they will use a priority self checkout and pay for it by credit card or with their smartphone. A receipt in pdf format and a history of items bought are directly recorded on their smartphone.

Thanks to mShop, the retailers remain in touch with their customers, before, during and after their shopping. They know the customer’s buying habit. Today, 76% of purchase decisions are made in 10 seconds directly on the POS. So they can influence the buying behaviour of their customers directly in the store by sending personalized offers or suggestions of additional items during  shopping. As a new way of communication, mShop can offer extra services to loyal customers. The ultimate goal is to increase sales and the value of the store. With mShop, the retailer also communicates about his store (opening time, sales and private reductions … ) .

picture-2-items[9]To be effective and used by most people, security must be flawless: Consumers are assured confidentiality on their transactions. Retailers have an efficient configurable auditing system during checkout.

For retailers, mShop is a very powerful tool for a targeted marketing. The return on investment is immediate. Indeed, mShop is a lightweight application that adapts easily to different back-offices of stores, and being hosted on a secure cloud-server. The use of smartphones by consumers does not require significant capital investment (no wall and no label scanner at the entrance of the store). Moreover, with mShop the retailer ensures the continuity of services to its clients (available at any time…).

mShop mobile application is essential in order to take advantage of new types of multi-channel distribution.

Visit mShop at the Retail Business Technology Expo on stand 330.


Tel: +33 130 14 78 66

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