• Walkers MAX is introducing a big new piece of innovation: Walkers MAX Double Crunch
  • Walkers is also reinvigorating its current portfolio with a new flavour under MAX Strong (New Peri-Peri Sharing Bag) and new Variety 6 Pack formats across MAX Core and Strong
  • A new packaging design is being introduced across the range to unify Walkers MAX and MAX Strong with new MAX Double Crunch
  • The brand’s biggest ever multi-touchpoint marketing campaign will follow in February, spanning TV, OOH, social and PR

Walkers is kicking off the year with an exciting re-stage of its MAX brand, including the launch of Walkers MAX Double Crunch – a new snack that promises to truly satisfy with a texture experience that is like no other. With support from the sub-brand’s biggest ever marketing support plan, including TV, OOH and Digital, Walkers is also giving the whole MAX portfolio a striking new visual identity to offer MAXimum standout. 


Katherine Cook, Walkers Max Brand Manager at PepsiCo, states: “We are thrilled to announce the launch of Walkers MAX Double Crunch: crisps that are cooked for even longer to offer twice the crunch of Walkers MAX. In addition to MAXimum flavour, we can now claim that the MAX portfolio offers MAXimum crunch!”

“At present, the potato crisps segment is in growth, which can largely be attributed to innovation that is differentiated in terms of flavour or texture. Walkers MAX, the second biggest contributor to potato crisp value sales growth in the last 2 years[1], has spearheaded this trend by responding directly to the needs of younger generations who are looking for bolder flavours and more fulfilling snacks, particularly when hunger strikes.”

The new Walkers MAX Double Crunch range is available in sharing bags and grab bags across four delicious new flavours – Bold BBQ Rib, XXL Chicken & Chorizo, Loaded Cheddar & Onion, Original Sea Salt* – all with extreme crunch for a truly satisfying snacking experience.


In addition to the launch of Walkers MAX Double Crunch, Walkers is investing support behind the successful Walkers MAX Strong range. Cook continues: “Walkers MAX Strong – a range of spicy crisps that pair perfectly with beer – is currently growing at +21% YOY[2]. With the hot and spicy crisp segment continuing to grow in popularity (+29% L2Y[3]), the launch of Walkers MAX Strong Fiery Peri-Peri** is sure to resonate with shoppers looking for a snack to accompany a cool drink (beer or otherwise!)”


Finally, Walkers MAX will also be expanding into the variety packs segment. “In addition to adventurous flavours, personalisation and choice has proven important to 18-35 year olds. As a result, we have developed variety multi-packs containing our top-performing flavours across the MAX, MAX Strong and new MAX Double crunch ranges; with a Walkers MAX Variety 6pk, Walkers MAX Strong Variety 6pk and Walkers MAX Double Crunch Variety 6pk,” Cook concludes.

The full MAX family will undergo a contemporary and disruptive new packaging design change to unify the range and give the much-loved snack MAXimum standout on shelf. A multi-touchpoint marketing campaign will follow in February and March to support both the re-brand and NPD launch, spanning TV, OOH, social and PR – marking the brands biggest ever marketing support plan.

*Walkers MAX Double Crunch Original Sea Salt will be exclusive to ASDA for 12 weeks

**Walkers MAX Strong Fiery Peri-Peri is exclusive to Morrisons for 12 weeks

[1] Walkers MAX and Walkers MAX Strong contribution to Potato Crisp Gains. Nielsen Total Coverage Value Sales 2 YEAR MAT YE 28.12.19

[2] Nielsen Total Coverage Value Sales MAT TY YE 28.12.19

[3] Nielsen Total Coverage Value Sales MAT TY YE 28.12.19


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