biocalthPrinciple Healthcare International is relaunching its patented BioCalth® calcium supplement, the only European product containing calcium L-threonate, which has been scientifically proven to provide increased protection for bones and joints, with new packaging and a major marketing push. The company is also planning a number of brand extensions over the next twelve months, variants being formulated for children, teenagers and pregnant mothers, as well as effervescent tablets. The BioCalth brand is targeted at the £400 million vitamins, minerals and supplements (VMS) market, where the ageing UK population is set to benefit product sales, and is intended for distribution through grocery multiples, pharmacies and health food shops.

The calcium salt of threonic acid, a metabolite of vitamin C, calcium L-threonate is a highly effective biocarrier for calcium and ensures a 95% absorption rate to the bones, compared with between 10% and 45% for other calcium supplements. This high bioavailability enhances calcium utilisation, helping to build stronger, more flexible bones, and the effects are generally experienced during the first few weeks. With its unique formulation, BioCalth is regarded as effective for the prevention and treatment of osteoporosis and other degenerative bone diseases and there are no known side-effects. The 90 tablet pack has an RRP of £15.99 and is packed in trade outers of four.

Based in Skipton, North Yorkshire, Principle Healthcare International formulates, produces and markets an extensive range of VMS products, covering vitamins and minerals literally from A to Z, and supplies the private label, retail and export sectors. Its state-of-the-art manufacturing and packaging plant in Slovakia produces effervescent tablets, dextrose products and VMS lines to European accredited standards. It is this expertise that allows Principle Healthcare to formulate and press calcium L-threonate, which is comparatively difficult to produce in tablet form and is patented in this format.

Approved by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) as safe for use in supplements and included in the latest Food Supplements Regulation Amendment, calcium L-threonate, the key ingredient of BioCalth, is formed when vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and calcium carbonate are reacted together under controlled conditions and it has a unique molecular structure. Its superior calcium-binding ability and BioCalth’s propensity to disintegrate quickly into fine particles enable the essential calcium to pass through the intestine much faster and more effectively than other supplements, without the need for vitamin D to help absorb it into the blood stream.

Thus, the blood stream quickly becomes concentrated with calcium L-threonate and delivers it more efficiently to the bone’s outer surface, where it stimulates the bone-building osteoblast cells to increase bone formation. Pre-clinical studies indicate that calcium L-threonate improves the activity and functioning of osteoblasts and helps ensure the optimised restoration and rebuilding of bones. BioCalth additionally encourages the formation of collagen and cartilage, eliminating the need for glucosamine and chondroitin supplements.

As a unique and highly effective source of calcium, offering far greater bioavailability than other calcium supplements, BioCalth is formulated for aiding functional improvement in bone structure, rather than simple bone health maintenance, and its premier pricing reflects its high grade ingredients and scientifically-proven efficacy. Each BioCalth tablet contains 100mg of pure calcium and the recommended dose of three tablets daily provides 37.5% of the RDA, bearing in mind that the 95% absorption rate delivers the maximum amount of this key mineral.

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