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The warmer weather is tempting more people out into the garden but now their eyes are protesting. Hay fever, allergens and even exposure to sunlight after months of greyness can impact the eyes causing redness and irritation.

TheraTears® has developed a new eye drop specially designed to refresh and relieve irritated and red eyes this summer. As the weather warms up and people are embracing outdoor life again, their eyes are exposed to an increased level of allergens and pollutants. Environmental stressors including wind, dust, sunlight and dry and polluted air can cause eyes to sting and become irritated, taking the joy out of the Great British Summertime.

TheraTears® Irritation and Redness is a new and unique 5-in-1 eye drop containing hyaluronic acid that lubricates, hydrates and protects the surface of the eye. They are also safe for contact lens wearers. Natural Euphrasia effectively and gently reduces redness. TheraTears® Irritation and Redness eye drops are ideal to use alongside allergy and allergic conjunctivitis treatment to provide extra relief.

With this one-stop drop, face the new season with eyes that feel refreshed, protected and restored.

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