Building on its commitment to deliver top-tier energy solutions, Lanes Health unveils NEW Pro Plus® Fizz – an energising effervescent tablet with a unique blend of performance ingredients to provide a caffeine boost with endurance support.[1]

Consumers of all ages have been reaching for energy products to enhance their physical and mental performance and the demand is ever-growing. In particular, effervescent tablets are becoming increasingly popular due to their fast onset of action[2] and the ease in which they can be consumed.

To help meet this growing demand, Lanes Health has launched Pro Plus® Fizz, the brand’s first energising effervescent tablet, as a new addition to its popular Pro Plus® range. Each tablet delivers 100mg of caffeine, bolstered by a unique blend of performance ingredients including ginseng, guarana, and vitamins B12, B2, and B6. This unique combination aims to provide the sustained energy, alertness and cognitive performance needed to power through the day.[3],[4],[5]

Commenting on Pro Plus® Fizz and its unique formulation, registered nutritionist Rob Hobson says:

“Products such as Pro Plus® Fizz offer an effective and tasty way to deliver energy-boosting nutrients. Thanks to effervescent technology, the tablets dissolve easily in water and the active ingredients are quickly absorbed, giving you immediate benefits.

By combining caffeine with guarana extract — a natural known stimulant — Pro Plus® Fizz strikes the optimal balance between rapid and sustained caffeine release. This offers immediate alertness whilst prolonging energy levels throughout the day. Thanks to added Vitamins B2, B6, and B12, known for their roles in energy metabolism, Pro Plus® Fizz help to alleviate tiredness and fatigue.  Containing Ginseng, an ancient medicinal plant, Pro Plus® Fizz also supports cognitive performance, including memory and learning, making it a useful supplement for those mentally demanding days.

Whether you’re facing back-to-back meetings, juggling work and home responsibilities, or simply needing a reliable pick-me-up, Pro Plus® Fizz and its unique blend of performance-enhancing ingredients offers a practical and effective solution to help you stay focused and energised, without the downsides of excessive caffeine consumption.”

Available in a tasty red berry flavour, each Pro Plus® Fizz tube contains 20 effervescent tablets, which can be taken daily by dissolving in 200ml of water.

Expressing her enthusiasm on the launch, Samantha Ross, Senior Product Manager of Pro Plus® comments:

“With a 65-year heritage, Pro Plus® Fizz represents an exciting evolution of the Pro Plus® brand. Its effervescent format blends easily into daily routines, offering consumers a flavourful alternative to conventional tablets. We know that retailers are often called upon for advice on energy boosting supplements; Pro Plus® Fizz is a convenient and effective addition to our successful Pro Plus® range.”

To discover the benefits of Pro Plus® Fizz and explore the entire range, visit or contact Lanes Health at 01452 524012.

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