cplhomefire-range-2009A new branded range of smokeless fuels and logs, including premium kiln dried hardwood logs, in easy to carry cost effective packs and bags.

CPL Distribution Limited, supplies UK wide commercial accounts and small independent concerns across the UK with an all year round offering of coal, smokeless fuels, logs, restaurant charcoal, barbecue charcoals and related items. The majority of the brands distributed by the company are nationally recognised market leading products.

For 2009/10 the company, who operate a nationwide commercial distribution service, are pleased to announce the introduction of their new Home Fire Range of easy to carry logs and solid fuel. Presented in a range of sizes, ideal for carry away purchases, the range incorporates new distinctive user-friendly packaging named and branded after the country’s best selling smokeless fuel -Homefire. The new Homefire Range will be rolled out across the country this winter.

The range includes both Homefire, for over 40 years regarded as the market leader in the smokeless fuel sector and ECOAL, introduced to great acclaim last year by CPL, a smokeless fuel manufactured using 30% renewable materials and now recognised as one of the cleanest environmentally sound smokeless fuels available today. Homefire is available in 10kg, 20kg and 25kg bags and ECOAL is available in new 5KG handy packs as well as in 10kg, 20kg and 25kg bags. The range also includes a 4.5kg Instant Light Smokeless Coal Fire, the only instant light product designed specifically for use in both multi-fuel stoves and open fires. Ideal for customers wanting a quick and easy method of enjoying an open fire without the fuss of laying and preparing the fireplace.

The remainder of the Homefire Range is devoted to CPL’s expanding range of seasoned hardwood and softwood logs and, for the first time, Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood Logs. Kiln dried logs will be available in either a 8kg Homefire branded box, a 10kg plastic bag, a 25kg Handy bag or for those wishing larger quantities a 1 cubic metre Dumpy bag is also available for home delivery. (All weights on wood products are approximate).

Jon Carter, CPL Marketing Manager, “consumers are increasingly turning to sustainable sources to heat their homes and we expect the demand for logs to be even greater than last year. To solve the problem of sourcing large quantities of hardwood logs suitable for stoves, a problem experienced by many retailers last year, we have now invested in the facility to provide Premium Kiln Dried Hardwood logs to our UK commercial customer base. The benefits of kiln-dried logs are considerable providing better efficiency, in that they burn hotter and longer than naturally seasoned hardwood, they create less smoke and are therefore more economical and will not clog up flues and chimneys, thus helping to protect the warranty on newly purchased stoves”.

Also included in the Homefire Range are Instant Light Fire Logs, netted bags of softwood logs, Super and Mini packs of kindling wood, manufactured Heat Logs, firelighters and paraffin. All wood products sold by CPL come from sustainable sources.

Jon Carter, “Homefire offers retailers the opportunity to provide a family of branded solid fuel options to their customers with a range of prices and pack size to suit all needs. The smaller packs available in the range provide for easy stacking on the shop floor or forecourt and provide customers with a wide choice of easy to carry home packs of both smokeless fuel and logs. The Homefire Brand is recognized throughout the sector as a market leader and the stand out design of the new packaging will, we believe, attract both new and regular customers to the range”.

Deliveries to commercial customers are available in either large or small quantities with a 3-5 day delivery guarantee. A full range of Point of Sale items and Display Bunkers are also available to buy from the company’s National Field Sales Team.

For prices and further information on the full range of products available from CPL contact the company’s customer service team: Tel: 01623 860 228 or email commercialteam@cplindustries.co.uk

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