The UK’s number one egg brand[1], The Happy Egg Co., will be making a warm return to TV screens this January with a brand-new TV campaign, ‘Stay sunny’. Back on TV for the first time since 2017, the brand will give audiences a boost of sunshine by communicating the role that Happy Eggs play in increasing vitamin D intake, especially during the darker winter months.

The TV campaign will aim to educate viewers that they can’t always rely on the British weather to give them their recommended daily vitamin D intake, but that they can always depend on The Happy Egg Co. to help them stay sunny as their eggs are beaming with vitamin D. Live for over 10 weeks, the brand will partner with ITV’s popular breakfast programmes, Good Morning Britain and Lorraine, to reach key audiences at the start of each day.

“Everyone craves a bit of sunshine during the depths of winter and our brand-new TV campaign is set to make sure we all ‘stay sunny’,” said Matt Davis, marketing controller, Noble Foods. “With over 6.4 billion eggs sold per year1, we know that we are a nation of egg lovers due to the versatility and ease of the product. One in five adults in the UK are at increased risk of vitamin D deficiency[2], but many don’t commonly know what benefit it gives to us. From maintaining healthy bones and teeth, it also helps keep our immune system healthy.

“Between October and early April, people in the UK do not absorb enough Vitamin D from sunlight[3], so it is important to ensure people are getting this from another source of goodness.”

“Our ‘girls’ are fed on a diet rich in vitamin D and just two large Happy Eggs provide 95% of your daily recommended vitamin D intake[4]. Shoppers want to make the best choices for their families and by keeping The Happy Eggs Co. front of mind this winter season, we can encourage them to trade up from the eggs they usually buy to gain the benefit of additional vitamin D.”

The Happy Egg Co. ‘Stay sunny’ campaign will be supported in-store activations throughout the UK.

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