Dreamed up in Dubai, the recently launched ‘Icycl’ frozen vodka icepops are the brainchild of long-standing university friends Bill Cooper and Dan Ronson, and are set to premiere at IFE 2015.


Having established their joint enterprise, Starjump Foods, in late 2013 it wasn’t surprising that 12 months after discussing the concept at the poolside, the pair had made their game-changing alcoholic product a reality. Icycl launched to market in Summer 2014.

Enlisting the help of a Centre of Excellence in Food Science & Development in their home city of Cardiff, Bill and Dan got the ball rolling with Welsh Government funding. Keen to create as many opportunities for young people along the way, the duo set about recruiting a food science graduate to put thousands of flavour combinations to the test, and refine the texture and ambient shelf life for the six natural fruit flavours that retail today.

Refining an iconic brand image was critical for such a product, and wanting to avoid the typical agency approach, the pair ran a competition with the University of South Wales for undergraduates studying design. Over 100 students entered, and the brand image that Icycl sports today, is the creation of the 19 year-old competition winner.

Still in its inaugural year, this revolutionary alcoholic sorbet contained in a self-serve pouch, is set to revolutionise the party scene all over the world.

Offering a safe and enjoyable alcoholic experience at locations where bottles pose a risk, Icycl is capable of being shipped and stored at ambient temperatures, needing to be frozen only prior to consumption. Even thawed and refrozen, its flavour remains uncompromised.

Responding to Mintel research, Icycl is a welcome alternative for those who like to drink, and not binge. Containing 0.6 UK units of alcohol with an ABV of 6.4%, feedback confirms a taste superior to established vodka and fruit mixes.

Having experienced a healthy uptake from online retailers Firebox.com and 31Dover.com, Icycl’s appearance at IFE will offer retailers and trade distributors a chance to discuss how this unique alcoholic product fits into their portfolio. With its ability to overcome many venue distribution hurdles, Icycl has huge market reach and is currently under evaluation by a number of UK bar and nightclub operators. It hits UK festivals, and the resorts of mainland Spain and Ibiza, from May 2015.

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