SIG Combibloc now offers an additional long life food packaging option with its heat-resistant combisafe carton pack, to flexibly fill food products such as beans, pulses and chopped tomatoes.

combisafecombisafe offers the manufacturer flexible and accurate filling options, using modular filling units including multi-head weighers. It’s also the only retortable carton packaging available which offers the option of fully rotational sterilisation during the autoclave process, delivering optimum temperature distribution inside the carton pack.

As well as the retortable packaging option, and with more than 35 years of heritage in the aseptic packaging industry, SIG Combibloc offers flexible filling options for long-life foods and beverages in aseptic carton packs. The company’s flexible filling technology offers manufacturers the opportunity to fill liquid, viscous and chunky foods in combibloc carton packs, at the same high speed output as juice.

Today, food products can be filled in our combibloc Food Aseptic carton packs, containing particulates up to 25 mm in size – long, thin product pieces and individual fibres that are even up to 40 mm and have up to 50 per cent particulate content.

As with all SIG Combibloc carton packs, combisafe and combibloc are made from up to 75% renewable raw materials and are fully recyclable.

Visit stand S2408 at Pro2Pac at IFE to find out more and browse a complete menu of carton packs for food, from 150ml to 2 litre foodservice packs.

Come and see us on Stand S2408.

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