Since the relaunch of Araldite®’s range of consumer adhesives with Marketing partner Velcro Ltd in January the product has seen a rapid climb into six-figure sales.

With major retailers like Halfords and Decco stocking across their stores, one of the reasons for this is the competitive edge provided by new eco-friendly packaging which has found favour with the trade and among consumers.

All Araldite® blister packs now come in a “fast-open” design which is easy on the eye and on the finger nails. Gone are the days of struggling with seemingly impossible blisters or resorting to the use of scissors where, almost inevitably, the instructions for use are destroyed along with the plastic.

With Araldite®’s new range the product is easy to remove and afterwards the card and plastic blister can be simply separated for recycling in the appropriate bin or bag.

In addition the packaging is free of any “dead fish – dead tree” labelling due to new product formulations.
Research among retailers has revealed a high degree of loyalty to a brand that has 85% recognition among consumers in the 55+ age group, according to research recently published.

Amongst younger users, the brand has recently launched a major initiative with South Staffordshire College, which will help the company expand its viral marketing, adding to the social networking on its new website,

Trudie Johnson is Strategic Business Unit Manager Consumer EMEA at sales and marketing partner Velcro Ltd. “Adhesives have value to youngsters in what they can do with them. You start with your components and achieve a practical or creative end result. That’s customer satisfaction!”

Marketing Manager for DIY and Channel Management at brand owner Huntsman Advanced Materials Jean-Luc Pieau says the new packaging is particularly aimed at this younger generation of adhesive users.

“Araldite® adhesives will always give great results on making and mending jobs for DIY-ers, hobbyists and homemakers, but we know that this generation asks more of its brands in terms of social responsibility, accountability and environmental care. With this new packaging the product is displayed well and there is the added bonus that plastic and cardboard can be easily separated and re-cycled. Our new customers certainly seem to like this initiative.”


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