Zidac Laboratories, a leading hygiene manufacturer, has launched its first own-brand range of hand sanitiser following demand for high-quality personal hygiene products as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

It marks the business’ first range to target consumers directly, after establishing itself as a leading supplier of white-label hygiene products to major retailers including Superdrug, Morrison’s and Tesco.

Its consumer range has two variations, antibacterial hand gel and hospital-grade hand sanitiser. Both sanitisers will be desirable for consumers, containing high levels of alcohol to kill bacteria and offer protection.

The sanitisers are available in two sizes – a 100ml bottle, ideal for on-the-go, and a 500ml pump dispenser aimed for use at home or to keep on desks.

Active ingredients include Ethanol, 0.1% 2-phenylphenol, Aminomethyl Propanal, Glycerine, Fragrance and Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is a crucial ingredient as it keeps hands soft and cared for compared to many of the harsher sanitisers that are available on the market.

The consumer products will feature Zidac’s new hospital-grade formula, recently launched to its wider b2b market to help companies and facilities managers keep employees and customers safe.

It was created as part of the company’s continual research and development and follows demand from many consumers, businesses and retailers looking to purchase sanitiser guaranteed to offer hospital-level protection. It is also in response to the market being flooded with low-grade hand gels unable to kill the Covid-19 virus.

Luigi Jurica Weissbarth, managing director at Zidac Laboratories, said: “As our continual research and development results in more effective formulas, we want to ensure as many people have access to these improvements as possible.

“We have years of experience in providing hygiene products that are fully accredited and approved – launching our own-brand range is the natural progression for our business. This consumer expansion and securing listings will be a major focus for us, as well as continuing to supply our white-label offering to customers and our range of sanitation products and dispensers to businesses.”

This launch marks the latest update from Zidac which has been continually investing in its services throughout 2020 to support the fight against Covid-19. Earlier this year, it announced a £5m investment into expanding its premises in Portsmouth to increase capacity, and pledged to donate £1million worth of products to healthcare facilities and charities.

Luigi continued: “This year has seen so many people struggle with the effects of coronavirus and we see it as our duty to support the fight against the pandemic in any way we can – by investing in our products to offer people better protection, creating more job opportunities through our expansion, and donating large volumes of sanitiser to those that need it.”

“It’s exciting to already see the payoff from our investments made earlier in the year – for our business, people and customers – and I am looking forward to what the future holds for Zidac.”

Zidac’s full consumer range, as well as information on all its products, is now available at zidac.co.uk, or for information on listings, please contact info@zidac.co.uk

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