Zidac Laboratories has expanded its range of hygiene and sanitation products with the launch of a new handwash with antibacterial action – the latest offering from the manufacturer’s extensive research and development into product formulations to support the fight against Covid-19.

The new Zidac hand wash is a high-quality, antibacterial, liquid soap which contains 0.5% of Phenoxyethanol.

It meets such a high grade it can be used in areas which require medical disinfection – such as hospitals, care facilities and dental institutions and, following stringent testing, it is fully in-line with current European standards (EN 1499:2013).

It also contains glycerine, Aloe Vera extract, and a refreshing and revitalising fragrance, helping the hand wash soothe and moisturise as well as encouraging proper use – making it suitable for all, including schools, nursing homes, the workplace and in the home.

Anica Detic, head of research and development at Zidac Laboratories, said: “The best way to eliminate germs from our hands is using a high-quality, antibacterial hand wash and hot, running water. While hand gel is always advised to use in between washing, soap molecules are one of the most effective ways to destroy the surface membranes of many bacteria and viruses – including coronavirus.

“We’ve invested considerably into the development of this hand wash to ensure that it’s not only effective, but soothing – one of the best ways to encourage people to wash their hands for long enough is by providing a hand wash which is enjoyable to use. This is particularly pertinent in settings like food environments or manufacturing, where hands can become heavily soiled or greasy, and need careful cleansing to become thoroughly clean.”

Zidac’s hand wash is the latest to come from the brand’s portfolio of antibacterial products that can help support the fight against Covid-19, with the company also releasing a new hospital-grade hand sanitiser containing 78.2% ethanol (alcohol).

All Zidac products are available to both businesses, consumers and retailers, with minimum orders for the hand wash starting at 500 units, with a RRP of £2.

Luigi Jurica Weissbarth, CEO of Zidac, continued: “One of our biggest focuses over the past six months has been on extending our product range, and this hand wash is the natural progression for us. We want to be able to offer companies and consumers the complete package to maintaining excellent hygiene standards, particularly at this worrying time with the pandemic.

“As with all of Zidac’s products, the hand wash has been created to the highest standards to ensure that our customers are getting the best antibacterial protection for their businesses or their homes. We look forward to adding hand wash to many of our existing hand sanitiser contracts to support our clients further.”

Since its launch in 2017, the business has enjoyed an impressive year-on-year growth, largely due to major contracts won to supply own-label goods to leading retailers and pharmaceutical groups including Superdrug, Lidl and Tesco. Zidac also supplies NHS hospitals, HSC in Northern Ireland and pharmaceutical distributors such as McKesson and Phoenix Group with antibacterial and sanitising products.

Zidac Laboratories has expanded considerably in 2020, including a £5m investment into its Portsmouth manufacturing facilities and a pledge to donate £1million worth of products to healthcare organisations and others at the front line of Covid-19.

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