singapore-noddle-pasteFour new sauces have been added to Wing Yip’s wide range of authentic Chinese and Oriental sauces to meet the needs of food enthusiasts looking to experiment in their cooking and recreate the ‘restaurant’ taste at home.

Sambal Oelek, an Indonesian Chilli Sauce (185ml) and Ketjap Manis, an Indonesian Sweet Soy Sauce (150ml) are the latest additions to the leading Oriental Grocer’s ‘Cook’s Brand’, which recreates the flavours of Indonesian and Malaysian cuisine.

Cook’s Brand Sambal Oelek is a hot and sweet chilli sauce originating in Indonesia. The sauce can be used as a condiment with meat and fish dishes, as an ingredient to impart a hot chilli flavour or as an accompaniment with rice.
The new Ketjap Manis is a rich dark, sweet soya sauce. It can be used as an ingredient or condiment in Asian cuisine or as a marinade. Both sauces are also available at Waitrose.

Wing Yip’s new Chinese Fried Rice Sauce (150ml) can be used in rice dishes containing any type of meat including pork, chicken and beef. The sauce can also be used in rice dishes containing mushrooms and vegetables to create a delicious vegetarian meal or simply to recreate your favourite egg fried rice.

Singapore Noodle Paste (230g) is a blend of curry powder, soy sauce, onion and garlic and allows cooks to recreate a spicy restaurant favourite in their own home. The paste is great when used with chicken, pork, prawns or vegetables.

fried-rice-sauceThe sauces are available to buy in Wing Yip superstores in Birmingham, Manchester, Cricklewood (London) and Croydon or via the online store at

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