• Voltarol has expanded into the wearables category with a new VoltActive knee brace
  • A convenient and comfortable way of helping people with knee pain stay active, VoltActive provides targeted relief through its Technogel® pad
  • VoltActive will be launching exclusively with Amazon from May, before a wider roll-out this summer

Voltarol, the market-leading pain relief gel range in pharmacy[1], has announced its first ever move into the wearables category. Expected to be worth $6.35bn globally by 2025[2], wearables’ growing popularity is being driven by rising numbers of sports injuries and a growing awareness of preventive care[3]. VoltActive is a durable, drug-free and machine washable knee brace, which is designed to help knee pain sufferers to recover and prevent re-injury. Featuring a unique Technogel® pad, the brace is proven to relieve knee pain and helps to reduce swellings and haematomas with targeted compression.

It has been created with both occasional and persistent pain sufferers in mind, and is both comfortable and convenient to wear during moderate sport and everyday activities.

Kavita Datar, Senior Expert Marketing Manager (Pain Relief) comments: “Pain sufferers are increasingly looking for a more holistic and natural option to manage their discomfort, with 37% trying to avoid drugs and other medications[4]. Doctors are also increasingly targeting musculoskeletal pain with a holistic approach to treatment, including pills, gels and support bandages[5].

“This is why we’ve decided to expand Voltarol beyond symptom treatment and into prevention and recovery. This debut into wearables will help us to appeal to a new set of shoppers, aiding them in discovering the joy of pain-free movement.”

VoltActive will launch on Amazon from May (RRP £59.99), ahead of a wider roll-out this summer.

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