While plant-based and meat free foods continue to see significant growth, consumers are increasingly demanding more natural products with a shorter list of ingredients.  According to the latest Mintel data, 44% of consumers are unclear of what ingredients are used in meat free foods and 31% agree that meat-free foods are too processed. 

New plant-based brand Tiba Tempeh is launching a range of innovative organic tempeh products to provide more naturally healthy and deliciously different meat-free alternatives.  The range will be launching in Planet Organic stores from the 2nd December 2019, distributed by Wholegood, and roll out to other retailers in January in time for the key Veganuary period.

The range consists of a traditional tempeh block, pieces in 3 flavours of Curry Spiced, Sweet Chill and Soy Marinade and the first ever tempeh burger to hit UK supermarkets in Smoky BBQ flavour.  All products RSP £3.25/200g. The products can be used in many dishes such as stir fries, curries and salads and the flavoured pieces are also conveniently ready to eat as a protein packed snack.

Founder Alex Longton said: “Our philosophy is planted in simplicity with our traditional tempeh block being made with just 3 simple natural ingredients of organic soybeans, live cultures and water. Our flavoured tempeh pieces and burger add our unique blend of natural herbs and spices with no artificial ingredients”.

The range is high in protein with 25g protein per 100g which is double that of Tofu and significantly higher than most other meat free alternatives. Made by fermenting organic soybeans with live cultures the range also taps into the growing trend for products supporting gut health and that are high in fibre.

“For centuries Tempeh has been a staple in Indonesia and our aim is to disrupt the market with an innovative range and marketing campaign to make tempeh mainstream in the UK” said Longton.

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