cryotech.jpgThermo King has undertaken a programme of extensive customer research and development in order to launch a new patented cryogenic cooling system, Green CryoTech, which uses recycled liquid carbon dioxide (CO2) as a coolant. The launch of this technology into a viable product range means customers can now choose to minimise their environmental impact including noise, emissions and carbon footprint, while benefiting from improved temperature control.

Two new Green CryoTech cryogenic systems have been developed: the CO2 Hybrid, which can be fitted to a conventional diesel-powered truck cooling system to supplement the pull-down capability; and the ST-CR which provides solutions for both single and multi temperature truck operations. There is also a new multi-temperature trailer system in development.

Thermo King’s CO2 technology is not the only cryogenic solution available. However, it is highly innovative in offering a system which both provides airflow in the load space, which is essential for fresh produce, and exhausts the cryogen outside the load space. The Thermo King Green CryoTech units do not allow CO2 to enter the cargo area unlike other systems that inject liquid coolant directly into the cargo area. This provides a significant health and safety benefit.

Ever mindful of the end-user requirements, Thermo King has used fewer moving parts in the cryogenic system than a conventional system, which ensures that the unit has higher reliability, longer life and lower maintenance. Also there are no lubricants to dispose of, which ensures there is less impact on the environment.

Thermo King has also developed quick connection couplings for refilling the Green CryoTech units with CO2. This product innovation has been fully risk proven and incorporates a pull-away safety system to minimise leakage. Another important advantage is that the liquid carbon dioxide of cryogenic systems provides large cooling capacity instantly.

The Green CryoTech cooling system also provides exceptionally quiet operation, making it a more comfortable working environment for operators, reducing noise pollution and complying with noise regulations.

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