Loma’s newly launched X5c X-ray inspection system easily integrates with CW3 Checkweigher for the ultimate quality assurance and brand protection solution


Further underlining its commitment to ensuring ultimate quality assurance and brand protection for global food manufacturers, processors and packers, Loma Systems (www.loma.com; +44 (0) 1252 893300) – leading manufacturer of high performance metal detectors, checkweighers and x-ray inspection equipment –  is highlighting the benefits of integrating its newly launched X5c (Compact) x-ray machine with its popular and well-proven CW3 checkweigher.

This combination inspection detection system can be easily integrated where production space is limited and helps ensure food manufactures continue to adhere to the latest British Retail Consortium (BRC) standards and retailers’ codes of practice. The Loma X5c compact x-ray machine can be bolted on to an existing CW3 as one unit for truly effective Critical Control Point (CCP) detection.

Built to Loma’s ‘Designed to Survive’ specifications, the combined x-ray and checkweigher system, including reject facility, measures just 2.5 metres in length when fully integrated. Produced from 304 grade stainless steel, the complete ‘combo’ unit is lead free and offers an unrivalled IP55 wash down design. Capable of running at speeds up to 150 packs per minute, it is operated using two independent control panels and has separate reject bins for out of weight and contaminated products.

Loma’s X5c reduces the cost of ownership of x-ray technology by 30% when compared to the company’s other X5 models, making it ideal for food companies keen to make the switch to x-ray for the first time or to replace lower performance ferrous-in-foil twin head metal detectors. This fully specified system offers good quality contaminant inspection using a reduced number of well-proven subcomponents and streamlined design.

The X5c is multilevel password protected for improved data management, which means the system can log events against individual operators. It is ideal for the detection of all metal types, glass, calcified bone, rubber and stone in various packaging. The machine is capable of handling products up to 100mm (height) x and 300mm (width) and weighing no more than 6kg – making it ideal for a wide range of inspection applications.

With significant energy saving benefits and providing the best balance of processing power to inspection, the X5c x-ray machine incorporates a detector array with 0.8mm diode pitch offering a low 80 watt power consumption and self-contained high efficiency x-ray generator. A simple, effective cooling mechanism ensures long tank life and maintenance-free operation.

Loma’s range of CW3 checkweighers offer peace of mind that every packed product leaving the production line will have the correct weight and meet strict legal or retailer requirements.

Like the X5c, the CW3 checkweigher is designed for operation in the toughest of production environments. It boasts quick change conveyor parts and powerful AC motors plus the tubular framework delivers a hygienic design but is flexible if transport or reject systems need to be changed.

As with all Loma’s products, customers benefit from a high level of before and after sales service and receive a tailor made solution to their inspection requirements.

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