Did you know that more than 80 per cent of homeowners have never washed their carpets, despite the rise in allergies, asthma, hay fever and more recently – home fever – caused by dust mites which thrive in the modern home due to central heating and little ventilation.

As well as this, 45 per cent of homeowners don’t remove their shoes before walking on their carpets and worryingly, four out of ten people eat food which has been dropped on their floor.

Whilst many people always wet mop their kitchen floors to remove dirt and stains, many don’t realise that they should also be wet cleaning their carpets regularly as they harbour a variety of dirt, germs and grime which vacuuming alone won’t remove.

The cost of replacing your carpets or having them professionally cleaned could cost a small fortune, but renting a Rug Doctor for a day is really inexpensive, as well as easy to use, so cleaning your carpets needn’t be a chore or a burden to your finances.

Paul Fildes, Marketing Manager at Rug Doctor, says: “The traditional spring clean is the ideal time to really freshen up your home environment by giving your carpet a deep clean.

“Maybe you have children and want to clean away the tell-tale signs of muddy shoe prints, or want to remove those annoying food and wine stains you have collected after the festive break? Whatever your reason, you will get fantastic results using a Rug Doctor. You really won’t believe how easy to use they are – you simple fill the bucket with water and Rug Doctor detergent and away you go.

“The good news for homeowners is that you can clean your whole house for under £45 – a fraction of what it would be to hire professionals or kitting your house out with new carpets.”

Renting a Rug Doctor has never been easier. They are available from all branches of Morrisons, B&Q, Homebase and Johnsons the Cleaners, as well as at selected Tesco and Co-operative stores and other quality independent retailers. According to latest proximity research, Rug Doctor has nationwide availability with almost 90% of all UK consumers being within just a 10 minute drive of a rental location.

Twenty-four hour rental costs on average £22.99 or £28.99 for the Rug Doctor Wide Track machine which, with its wider cleaning head and higher capacity detergent tank, can cut cleaning time in half. Rug Doctor Carpet Detergent costs about £9.99 a litre or £19.99 for 4 litres.

Homeowners can use the Rug Doctor store finder at www.rugdoctor.co.uk to find their nearest rental location, a ‘How To Use The Rug Doctor’ video and useful advice on various types of stain removal from carpets.

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