Founded in 2004 by Managing Director Mark Garcia-Oliver, The Fresh Pasta Company has already been positioned as the purveyor of the finest Italian fresh pasta available in the UK. Their products are made with the best quality ingredients and traditional methods of production to achieve contemporary flavours for the fillings wrapped in silky fresh pasta.

Mark Garcia-Oliver was born in Cambridge to an Italian mother, and brought up in Argentina, where food and culture are largely influenced by Italy. In 2000 Mark moved to work to the UK and two years later, following his inquisitive mind and passion for food, he set up a new goal for himself: to raise the standards of pasta in the UK, free from additives and made only from the finest ingredients.

By the end of 2004, The Fresh Pasta Company was not only running full steam, but also was awarded the True Taste Gold for Best Small Manufacturing Company 2004/05, and received three Great Taste Awards. Since then, the list of awards keeps growing year after year, accumulating recognition for excellence in product quality, innovation and presentation.

The Fresh Pasta Company produces the most awarded fresh pasta available, having won 40 awards total. With the coveted Pizza and Pasta Association (P.A.P.A) Industry Award under its belt in 2010, they recently secured further awards from the Guild of Fine Food: 3-star Great Taste Award for Il Pesto Genovese di Prá, and 1-star Great Taste Award for each of the following products: Handmade Venison Tortelloni, Handmade Wild Mushroom Tortelloni, Handmade Artichoke Hearts Tortelloni.

The Fresh Pasta Company’s production is based in North Italy after partnering up in 2007 with the second generation of a family of pasta-makers with over 40-years experience. Since then, the fresh pasta is produced strictly following the recipes developed by Mark for the British market, using traditional methods of production with the finest ingredients to the highest standards, and BRC approved.

Mark says, “We believe in creating positive experiences and generating great relationships. Our team currently works successfully with: Fortnum & Mason, Harrods, Harvey Nichols, John Lewis food hall, Waitrose, Ocado, House of Bruar, Avoca (Ireland), Whole Foods, amongst many other Delis, fine food shops and restaurants around UK.”

“Our main objective when we first started was to raise the standards of pasta offered in the UK. We still stand strong on our beliefs, and are convinced we are making a real difference”, adds Mark.

The Fresh Pasta Company

Tel: 0845 603 7746


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