Consumer demand for real barbecue is growing rapidly in the UK, and real barbecue is so much more than just burning a sausage outdoors.


Barbecue rubs, the true source of the taste of real barbecue, are blends of spices and herbs which are rubbed onto meat, fish, vegetables, etc., prior to cooking to add flavour. They can be used year-round and will be popular with your customers year-round. They work just as well under an electric or gas grill in the winter, as they do on a charcoal or gas BBQ in the summer. No marinating is required – just sprinkle the BBQ rub on fresh meat and immediately stick it under the grill or in the oven. They are great for vegetarians and, at less than 5 calories per serving, slimmers too.

The BBQ rubs and sauces imported and distributed by BBQ Gourmet have been developed and proven during BBQ competitions in the United States, where real BBQ is a way of life and almost a religion.  For example, Oakridge BBQ’s rubs have won over 2,500 BBQ competitions in the USA over the last 3 years. Their rubs are 100% all-natural with no MSG, fillers, artificial colours, flavours, or additives.

Set up next to your Check-Out or Butchery display, the free display stands provided by BBQ Gourmet will provide you with excellent, low-cost ‘add-on’ & impulse sales year-round. These products are already selling well at a number of outlets around the country.

For 2016, BBQ Gourmet are working with the top two competition BBQ teams in the UK, Bunch of Swines BBQ and Miss Piggy BBQ, to develop a range of low-cost BBQ rubs for beef, pork, chicken and ribs. Both teams have had huge success internationally and are frequently beating the Americans at their own game. For example, Miss Piggy is currently placed 14th out of over 4,000 competition BBQ teams in the USA.

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