BLOOM is a new, award winning luxury Tea Company based in London, with an emphasis on inner and outer well being!

“Tea is more than a comfort-drink; it’s a natural source of powerful antioxidants (vitamins and minerals) your body needs to boost immunity” Craig Coulton (Founder & MD). Using ‘tea as a treatment’, Craig was able to combine 5 luxurious teas with a daily ‘Treatment Plan’. It’s simple, delicious and 100% all natural – perfect for busy city professionals wanting a healthy drink that’s zero calories, hydrating and nourishing.  

BLOOM was awarded 3 Great Taste Awards in 2011 (Soothing White Tea**, Fragrant Green Tea*, and Naturally Caffeine-Free Rooibos Tea*)

Rather than confusing customers with an endless range of exotic teas, BLOOM concentrated on 5 high quality tea blends for different times of day, tailoring each with appropriate ingredients to support your body’s needs at that time;

1. METABOLISM: a Reawakening Breakfast Tea kick-starts your body when you wake up

2. DE-STRESSING: a Fragrant Green Tea relieves mid-morning tension while you work

3. DIGESTION: a Soothing White Tea has stomach cleansing ingredients for lunchtime

4. CONCENTRATION: an Energizing Earl Grey Tea helps fight afternoon fatigue

5. RELAXATION: a Caffeine Free Rooibos Tea will help you unwind after a long day

The teas are also intended to work together in 5 simple steps called a Tea Treatment Plan™, which has added health benefits (compared with the monotony of drinking 1 tea type), which are;

1. A variety of antioxidants from 5 speciality teas continually boost your immune system.

2. Well-timed nutrition (e.g. digestive ingredients in the lunchtime tea).

3. Maintaining optimum hydration (tea is 99% water) all day long.

4. Improving concentration, lifting energy levels and increasing metabolism.

5. Helps lower cholesterol too.

BLOOM’s packaging is sophisticated and luxurious. Each box contains 10 silk pyramid tea bags through which you can see 100% all natural ingredients. The slender boxes file neatly together as if they were book ends to save space on shelves too. Loose teas are also available in stand-up 100g resealable pouches.

Bloom Teas Ltd

Tel: +44 2088742281

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