We all know that confectionery, sweets and snacks taste great but unfortunately they’re not usually that good for us. As consumers, we are now conscious of our sugar, fat, calorie and carbohydrate in-take, and want healthier options.

There has been a huge gap in the market for something sweet that doesn’t give you that ‘guilty feeling’ because it contains sugar, fat and or carbs! Well, I think we may have found the answer in the form of SLIM FRUITS® – a sugar free, fat free, carb free, fruit pastilles that are high in natural soluble dietary fibre!

SLIM FRUITS are produced by Ferndale Confectionery, an Australian family owned business that has been specialising in sugar free (guilt free) confectionery since 1996. The key ingredient in SLIM FRUITS is 40% Acacia Gum, a bioactive dietary fibre harvested from wild acacia trees throughout northern Africa.

The fibre levels in SLIM FRUITS are astounding. Well known nutritionist and dietician Dr Joanna McMillan, says when comparing the fibre levels to high fibre foods, a serving of just 5 SLIM FRUITS provides 1.9g of dietary fibre, which adds significantly to your total fibre intake. This is the equivalent to the amount of fibre found in:

46g raw broccoli

70g of raw English spinach

95g apple

40g wholegrain bread

After seeing how popular they were in Australia, Somerset based husband and wife team Jonathan and Lucy Newton thought this is something us Brits needed! SLIM FRUITS launched in Holland & Barrett in 2012 and have experienced extreme growth of over 300%.

According to Lucy Newton SLIM FRUITS have taken the UK confectionery market by storm, and the growth has blown them away! “SLIM FRUITS have quickly built a large and loyal customer base and a strong interest from mainstream media.

“The overwhelming consumer acceptance of SLIM FRUITS proves that the UK market is now demanding a ‘healthier option’ in the confectionery aisle. In Australia SLIM FRUITS are sold in every supermarket, pharmacy, corner shop and petrol station. This multi-channel, national distribution model is our objective in the UK and we are actively seeking the interest from other national retailers in the UK and Europe.”

SLIM FRUITS along with Ferndale Confectionery’s wide range of other sugar free, healthy brands will be on show at the IFE trade show at Excel Arena 17th – 20th March 2013.

Ferndale Confectionery


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