Purely Organic, the UK’s first nationally available organic egg brand, has reached £7.6m retail sales value[1] as shoppers continue to turn to eggs across more meal occasions than ever before. Following new listings with Sainsbury’s and Asda in March, consumers have embraced Purely Organic eggs and the brand now boasts an impressive 13.5% share of the total organic egg market[2]. Social distancing restrictions encouraging people to work from home have resulted in a 97% uplift in in-home lunchtime consumption of eggs[3]; a trend expected to continue in the coming months.

During lockdown, demand initially outstripped supply for shell eggs, due to their versatility, nutritional value  and the ease of preparing them. Brand owner, Noble Foods, saw positive sales uplifts across all its brands, a trend that has continued throughout the course of the pandemic as shoppers have turned to trusted brands.

The organic food market is up +22.4%[4] as many consumers look to lead a healthier lifestyle, taking greater note of the provenance of their food. Against this positive backdrop, Purely Organic  sales have increased by an astounding +244%[5], and within a year, its share of the organic market has doubled[6] – showcasing the appetite for organic within the egg category.

Matt Davis, Head of Marketing at Noble Foods, comments: “Purely Organic has gone from strength to strength over the last six months. The organic market is in strong growth and, at a time when people are looking to lead healthier lifestyles, it presents an opportunity for retailers to drive sales of organic alternatives to everyday items – such as eggs. They have firmly become a staple for many, owing to ease of preparation and versatility of use across breakfast, lunch and dinner.

“To support the growth of Purely Organic, we recently launched social media channels for the brand across Facebook and Instagram – offering our shoppers recipe inspiration and a look behind the scenes at where our organic eggs come from. Since launching in June, our paid social campaign has delivered 6.5 million screen impressions, engaged well over half a million users and reached an impressive 2.3 million consumers.”

Setting the highest standards of welfare for their flocks, Purely Organic only collect eggs from a small group of  ten family run farms. Free to forage amongst fruit trees and wildflowers, in conditions that far exceed free range and even go beyond the stringent standards required to certify as organic; Purely Organic hens live in smaller flocks than free range hens in naturally enriched environments which not only benefit the hens but also provide sanctuary for bees and insects. All feed is free from synthetic fertilisers and pesticides, and is sourced from  a single organic mill, owned by the brand, ensuring full traceability. Purely Organic’s packaging is also produced with sustainability in mind. The pulp packaging is carbon neutral – the only egg brand in the UK to achieve this –earning them the honour of being the first egg brand in the UK to display the Climate Partner logo.

The Purely Organic range is available in packs of six and ten eggs.

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