Rebel Kitchen is an exciting new positive snacking food brand with a cause: to make tasty, nourishing snacks available to everyone, everyday, everywhere.


If you’re tired of feeling that healthy eating is a chore, or bored of having to source niche, artisan produce at a high price, you need to join the rebellion!

Rebel Kitchen encourages the whole family to rebel against junk food and snacks with kids’ and adult ranges of dairy free “mylks”, made simply with hydrating coconut milk, pure Somerset spring water and a touch of organic date nectar for sweetness – no refined sugar, additives or preservatives.

Coconuts are sourced from an island in Western Indonesia, via a local supplier who ensures employee wellbeing.

All Rebel Kitchen drinks are lactose-free and suitable for vegans, vegetarians or those on a dairy-free diet.

Launched in January 2014, the Kids’ range of dairy free “mylks” is designed for children – but adults love them too! Available in Choco, Banana and Orange Choc Mylk varieties, in tough but cute 200ml cartons with a handy straw (RRP 99p).

Rebel Kitchen recently expanded the range with the launch of new dairy-free “mylk” drinks in grown-up sized 330ml cartons (RRP £1.89), available in Chocolate, Matcha Green Tea and Chai varieties.

Rebel Kitchen’s rebellious edge is clear to see on the funky cartons, which are adorned with images inspired by punky tattoos and surf culture.

Rebel Kitchen “mylks” are available in the following varieties, best served chilled and shaken before serving:

KIDS’ RANGE (200ml tetra-pak cartons, RRP 99p, available via, Whole Foods, Daylesford Organics, and other independent stores.)

Choco Mylk

Made with Fairtrade cacao and a touch of organic date nectar, with coconut milk and water. A tasty, healthy superfood alternative to your kids’ chocolate cravings!

Banana Mylk

Rainforest Alliance bananas blended with organic date nectar, a touch of cacao, coconut milk and water. The ultimate, all-natural banana mylk-shake!

Orange Choc Mylk

Pure oil gathered from the zest of sweet Brazilian oranges added to cacao, organic date nectar, coconut milk and water.

ADULT RANGE (330ml tetra-pak cartons, RRP £1.89, available via

Chocolate Mylk

Made with Fairtrade raw cacao and a touch of organic date nectar, with coconut milk and Somerset spring water. A tasty, healthy superfood alternative to satisfy those chocolate cravings. Cacao has super antioxidant powers to keep your system in good shape.

Matcha Green Tea Mylk

Harnessing the goodness of Matcha green tea, one of nature’s most powerful superfoods. Made with coconut milk, Somerset spring water and a touch of organic date nectar. Matcha is also excellent source of natural caffeine to keep you high with no unnatural lows!

Chai Mylk

A complex blend of Fairtrade raw cacao, and health-giving cardamom, cinnamon, and turmeric, which have anti-inflammatory properties so are soothing on the stomach. Made with coconut milk and Somerset spring water and a touch of organic date nectar.

Rebel Kitchen founder, Tamara Arbib has always been passionate about health and nutrition, having previously created charity The A Team Foundation to show how diet is central to overall health and excite tangible change in the nation’s relationship and approach to food.

The inspiration for Rebel Kitchen started when Tamara was frustrated with not being able to achieve enough via the charitable work of The A Team Foundation.

Tamara recognised that approaching nutrition from a commercial point of view was crucial to effect real change. Rebel Kitchen was created to be an honest, health-focused brand with broad, mainstream appeal rather than just another niche brand which “preaches to the converted”. Rebel Kitchen truly challenges bigger brands, demands to be taken seriously as a commercial force to be reckoned with, and proves we can all choose to “rebel” against junk food.

Tamara says: “Rebel Kitchen is all about making nutritious, delicous. Why should healthy eating be a chore? We want people to rebel against junk food – preservatives, additives and refined sugar – and enjoy eating foods which are good for them.

The drinks have a shelf life of six months and must be consumed within three days of opening.

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