What is ‘Aussie-style’ banana bread?


Moist real ‘bananary’ flavour (40% real bananas to be exact), bouncy texture (just like bread), not too rich and not too sugary (it isn’t a cake)! Banana bread is eaten like bread (cut into thick slices) and best toasted with butter or your favourite spread. We like it with ricotta, honey & a sprinkle of cinnamon, crème fraiche and honey or almond butter and honey. Also just as yummy eaten as is.

When Aussie founder, Sharon Luff moved to the U.K she searched high and low for her daily bread, and when she couldn’t find it she made it herself in her Notting Hill kitchen. She saw an opportunity to change the way Brits eat breakfast by creating her own ‘Aussie-style’ banana bread, something she believed would be the ‘next big thing’ in the U.K. So in 2012, The Big Banana Bread Co. was founded and Sharon Luff officially became the ‘Chief Banana’.

Each loaf is hand-made in Notting Hill by their bakers who carefully select bananas at the optimal ripeness to make the perfect loaf. “We follow an 80/20 rule of black to over-ripe bananas; so our banana bread isn’t just about our selection of the finest ingredients (free-range eggs, rapeseed oil) but an artisan approach that we have developed over time.” Moreover, The Big Banana Bread Co is conscious of sourcing not only the finest quality but also ethically farmed bananas.

What’s the biggest challenge The Big Banana Bread Co. face with breaking a new market? Says Sharon Luff: “Introducing a new kind of breakfast – because of the high banana content, our banana bread is energy and vitamin packed which is a perfect kick-start to the day/all-day snack and a far healthier option than traditional pastries and cakes. We don’t use preservatives or artificial sweeteners, in fact, our gluten-free banana bread uses half the amount of added sugar but still tastes just as good as our original recipe.”

The Big Banana Bread’s vision is to be the number one banana bread choice, be accessible for all and be the catalyst for change.

“I want banana bread to be a breakfast religion, something that people get up for, look forward to and talk about… I want them to taste our banana bread and literally go bananas, wanting more!” Chief Banana, Sharon Luff


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