The Werther’s Original Christmas Caramel Shop Box brings novelty and charm to the shelves with its special Christmas inspired design. Full of character and uniquely standing out against the array of other designs in-store, the Werther’s Original Christmas Caramel Shop Box capitalises on the novelty pack trend seen at Christmas 2017. With the iconic caramel shop advert having been on air for the last seven years and a spend of £28m over this period, it has proved a roaring success with 57 million consumers having seen the ad at least once in the run up to Christmas last year. With the advertising continuing this year, on air for the last two weeks of November, retailers can capitalise on what will be quick brand recognition and association in store from shoppers as well as the emotional pull the advert will harness. The Werther’s Original Christmas Caramel Shop Box is the perfect opportunity to leverage the brand strength during the festive period.  

The festive Werther’s Original Caramel Shop Box contains a variety of warm and comforting Werther’s caramels including, Butter Candies, Creamy Filling, Éclairs and new Soft Caramel, providing something for everyone and appealing to shoppers of all ages, perfect for sharing or a favourite gift at Christmas.

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