5-bottles-triangle.jpgHealthy lifestyle company Together Health is launching an innovative product range for the impulse beverage market. Introducing three lifestyle ‘shots’ to combat aging, provide energy and help detox. Each shot includes a carefully selected vitamin and mineral rich superfood combined with high levels of additional vitamins and botanicals to target specific health functions, all packed into a 150 ml bottle along with a range of delicious tasting fruits.

Together Health will launch mid-November with a national sampling campaign and retailer network, including Planet Organic and The Nutri Centre – RRP £1.79 per bottle.

Founder Lee Robertshaw said: “We created a product range that simply wasn’t available and in doing so have created a new sector where busy people can easily access potent targeted nutrition. Our first priority is to help people achieve a healthier lifestyle and each shot has been developed by leading nutritionists to alleviate an aspect of modern living that we can all do without.”

Acai Age Defence uses the Amazons Acai Berry along with Gingko Biloba, Omega 3, Lutein and Green Tea, each ingredient playing its own role in guarding against aging from within.

Aloe Vera Digest Detox combines traditional Aloe Vera with Milk Thistle, Artichoke, Prebiotic Fibre and Ginger to help detox the body naturally after over indulgence or when your digestive system needs a boost. Goji Natural Energy includes ingredients that help provide sustained energy using the Goji Berry, Ginseng, Carnitine, Coenzyme Q10 and Liquorice for those suffering from tiredness or the mid afternoon energy slump.

Lee added: “We want to make good nutrition as simple as possible and take the trial and error out of the search for vitamins, minerals and botanicals that work. Instead of taking lots of pills, Together Health offers a simple solution to getting vital nutrients in one simple step – and the added three functions offer our customers something other drinks cannot. We offer targeted nutrition that caters for everybody.”

Together Health International Development Centre is based in Ilkley, West Yorkshire. For further details please view

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