A range of seven honeys sourced from around the world is being launched by Ogilvy’s Honey – a new brand that has set out to give consumers a new, fine honey experience while addressing the issues currently facing the quality end of this market sector.

As a honey trader, importer and supplier Shamus Ogilvy, the man behind the brand, certainly understands the challenges faced by retailers: “The main problems around high quality, non-blended honey are traceability, year round supply, reliable distribution and organic certification; all of which Ogilvy’s Honey can solve.

We have direct, established relationships with beekeepers and therefore we can track from bee to jar plus we can guarantee supply.  We have a proven distribution set up, and Soil Association approval for our organic honeys”, he explained.

“Consumers are on the hunt for the next new food experience and the time is right for us to show them what they are missing in terms of premium honey offerings.

We aim to give consumers an extra dimension to a much enjoyed, natural food in the same way as coffee, chocolate and smoothie pioneers have done in recent years.

The sector is ripe for elevation by a brand with the expertise, passion and commitment we have to introduce a whole new world of honey choices”, he continued.

While the vast majority of honeys on sale in the UK are blended, Ogilvy’s Honey will offer single flower nectar (monofloral) varieties as well as polyflorals where the bees visit different flowering plants in one local area. These give the honeys distinctive characteristics and flavour intensities ranging from mild to strong.

The snappy branding gives the consumer details of the story of discovery, the provenance and references to the individual taste of each honey.  The varieties include three from New Zealand including a dark honey to rival Manuka in flavour, black locust flower and linden blossom from the Balkans, forest honey from the Himalayas, and wildcrafted tropical blossom honey from the Zambezi River. Three are certified organic by the Soil Association. The RRP of Ogilvy’s Honey is £6.50 for 280g.

The brand has invested in a sustained, long-term PR campaign to support and reinforce consumer awareness through careful targeting of key media and influencers.

A consumer-led, interactive website features a blog from Shamus together with news feed of his travels and company development is an integral part of the marketing strategy.

Ogilvy’s Honey


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