The shaving and hair removal market slipped into decline in 2013 with sales falling 0.5% annually. This sales decline can be primarily attributed to the largest segment of the market, razors and blades, retracting by £2 million from 2012-13.

2013_Mintel_hi-resPrice promotions continue to impact value sales in many BPC (Beauty and Personal Care) markets as consumers focus on securing the cheapest prices. At the same time the fashion for beards and facial hair accelerated in 2013, driven by a number of male celebrities, and as a result the number of men removing hair from their face declined.

However, this sales decline is not expected to continue into 2014, thanks to a strong year of NPD in the shaving market. Indeed, retail value sales are expected to see 2.1% growth from 2013-14. The outlook to 2019 is expected to be muted in terms of real growth, with value sales increases driven mostly by price inflation.

Exclusive research for this latets report finds more men are plucking up the courage to achieve a hair-free body as new research from Mintel finds half (50%) of all Brits admit there is more pressure nowadays for men to remove or groom body hair.

Indeed, for today’s modern man, hair removal has extended past a simple shave of the face. Over the last 12 months, some 55% of men say they have removed hair from their head, this is followed by the pubic region at 29%, chest at 13%, underarms at 12%, back at 9%, bottom at 6%, arms at 5%, legs at 4% and feet 2%. Just 30% of men say they have not removed hair from their body in the last year. Additionally, Mintel’s research highlights how Britain’s men are giving Cara a run for her money, with a quarter (25%) admitting to removing hair from their eyebrows.

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