Spring has at last sprung, with many Brits busily dusting away the cobwebs around the home.  Now new research from Mintel reveals that a third (32%) of all Brits give their home an extra thorough, top-to-bottom or deep clean when the days start getting warmer or lighter. Whilst over one in five (22%) Brits who do cleaning tasks in the kitchen say that it is the most important room in their home, Mintel’s research has pinpointed the areas and appliances in the kitchen most in need of a Spring Clean. Although almost half (46%) of Brits say they clean the kitchen worktops once a day or more and over a third (38%) say the same of cleaning the sink or draining board, one in 10 (9%) Brits who have an oven say they never clean inside it, whilst the same number (9%) say they never clean the inside of cupboards or drawers. Other areas which look most likely to be in need of a good scrubbing are the inside of the fridge/freezer, with almost half (46%) of Brits who own one saying they clean it once a month or less.


Cleaning the microwave could also be a target as a quarter (26%) of Brits who own a microwave say they clean inside it once a month or less and a further 5% say they never clean it at all. Whilst Spring Cleans are often seen as a chance to improve the aesthetics of the home, for many it is also a chance to make sure hygiene levels are in tip-top condition. Indeed, over half (56%) of Brits who do cleaning tasks in the the kitchen say that having a clean kitchen is important for their family’s health, yet one in five (21%) say they struggle to find enough time to clean their kitchen properly. And it seems that the market is benefiting from the importance Brits place on maintaining a germ-free kitchen. Sales of kitchen cleaners rose by 5%, from £29.6 million in 2013, to £31.2 million in 2014, in addition sales of antibacterial multi-purpose cleaners rose by 11%, from £78.1 million in 2013 to £86.3 million in 2014. Furthermore, appliances have also been receiving more tailored cleaning attention with sales of appliance specific limescale removers rising by 20%, from £10.9 million in 2013 to £13.1 million in 2014.

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