The world’s no.1 Italian sparkling wine brand launches a refreshing alcohol free sparkling drink, using 100% Italian grape must

MARTINI has announced the launch of MARTINI 0.0% Dolce, a brand new zero alcohol drink, perfect for those choosing to moderate their alcohol consumption.

This bold new tipple from the world’s no.1 Italian sparkling wine brand is the must-have beverage for those wanting to celebrate with friends, without compromising on the taste or excitement that comes hand in hand with bubbles.

The pioneer of Spumante, with over 150 years of expertise, MARTINI bring its reputation and knowledge to the zero alcohol category to cater to the low/no trend that’s sweeping the UK. With nearly half of regular wine drinkers in Britain claiming to be actively moderating their alcohol consumption*, MARTINI 0.0% Dolce is poised to satisfy this market demand.

Lovingly crafted in the sun-drenched hillsides of Northern Italy using the finest Italian grapes, the MARTINI 0.0% Dolce provides consumers with an allnatural, alcohol free sparkling beverage that still retains the same great flavour that’s in its award-winning sparkling wine. The result is a light, sweet, delicate fruity taste, with hints of apple and pear – perfect for catching up with friends over dinner or enjoying the summer sunshine.

Marco Mazzini, Global Director of Martini Sparkling Wines at Bacardi, commented: “We are very excited to launch MARTINI 0.0% Dolce to British consumers. All our efforts have been focused into the taste of the product, as many people love the refreshing flavours that our sparkling wine portfolio bring to the table. All the skills of Martini winemakers were harnessed to produce the very best grapes from Northern Italy’s premium wine growing regions to produce the MARTINI 0.0% Dolce. With the low/no trend reaching new heights, it caters to those who are looking into moderating their alcohol consumption – without compromising on taste.”

The MARTINI 0.0% Dolce is available in Morrisons for £6.00 from 10th June 2019, and will roll out to other retailers later in the year.

*Source: Wine Intelligence, Vinitrac® UK, July 2018, n=1,000 UK regular wine drinkers Wine Intelligence trade interviews November 2018

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