Burton’s Biscuit Company has announced a major relaunch of the iconic Lyons’ Biscuits range, helping retailers to meet consumer demand for quality products and excellent value for money.

Bold new packaging will create impact on the shelf, bringing a variety of popular treats and biscuit barrel favourites under the trusted Lyons’ brand. With the strapline “Come in, I’ll put the kettle on…”, the brand is firmly being positioned as an everyday treat, perfect for sharing with friends and family along with a cup of tea.

The relaunch comes as data shows that consumers are buying value brands more often and in greater volumes*. The wide variety of biscuits in the range, along with highly competitive pricing and promotions, will help retailers to capitalise on this trend.

David Costello, Category and Activation Controller, Burton’s Biscuit Company, said: “Cost-conscious consumers are looking for value for money and quality which Lyons’ Biscuits delivers. The timing of the relaunch is ideal, as it comes ahead of the brand’s 75th anniversary next year, building consumer awareness in the run-up to this milestone.”

The full range is rolling out now.

The range includes:

• Viscount – £1 PMP (7 pack – 98g, 14 pack – 196g)

• Toffypops – £1 PMP (8 pack -120g, 16 pack – 240g)

• Coconut Mallows – 69p PMP (6 pack – 125g, 12 pack – 250g)

• Jaffa Cakes – 69p PMP (12 pack – 135g, 24 pack – 270g)

• Jam Teacakes – 69p PMP (10 pack – 125g, 20 pack – 250g)

•Rich Tea – 69p PMP (300g)

• Digestives – 69p PMP (400g)

• Shortcake – 69p PMP (400g)

• Cookies (Chocolate Chip) – 69p PMP (400g – 2 x 200g)

• Fig Rolls – 69p PMP (200g)

Lyons’ Biscuits has been a central part of the biscuit barrel since 1938, offering family favourites like Viscounts, Toffypop and Digestives. The relaunch will help establish the brand as Burton’s Biscuit Company’s fifth ‘power brand’.

Since 2006, total retail value sales of biscuits have increased by 26%**, reaching £1.4bn** in 2011. Mintel estimates that the category will grow a further 21% to £1.7bn by 2016.

Within the category, everyday biscuits, such as digestives, have increased in sales value by 14%** in one year (2010-11).

* BRT3 52we 7 Aug 2011 (KWP P09)

** Mintel (Biscuits, Cookies and Crackers – UK – April 2012)

Burton’s Biscuit Company


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