International apple brand Kanzi® has supercharged its marketing efforts this season with the launch of a powerful new integrated campaign that invites UK consumers to experience the power of great taste and switch to Kanzi®.

The Kanzi® Big Switch campaign was officially launched today with the release of a sensational video (shareable link here) which showcases an elaborate live stunt. Secretly filmed in Battersea Park, London, the video shows how the brand placed crates brimming with free Kanzi® apples beneath a big power switch and the message: “Will you Switch?” Consumers were filmed taking and enjoying a Kanzi® apple before pressing the big switch. What happened next was a joyous and incredible spectacle of colour, music, dance and acrobatics. The performance and the reactions of the consumers have been beautifully captured in this video as a visual representation of the power of great taste that’s experienced when you switch to a Kanzi® apple.

Now the brand is planning to tour Tesco and Sainsbury’s supermarkets and shopping centres with its Big Switch campaign and in doing so bring a huge amount of fun and engaging experiential sampling to thousands of UK shoppers. It is also investing heavily behind this campaign though digital, PR and a social media competition to win a trip to the Big Apple. The campaign will help to drive brand awareness and trial, increase purchase frequency as well as help the brand to secure new listings in other retailers.

Dietmar Bahler, Variety Manager Kanzi® Worldwide says: “UK shoppers tend to buy the same apples they always have and very often it’s the same variety they ate when they grew up. We know once they try and experience our delicious Kanzi® apples they will absolutely love the well-balanced sweet and sour flavour. Our bold new Big Switch campaign will ensure that thousands of shoppers get to experience the power of great taste and make the switch to Kanzi®. Once they switch, we’re confident Kanzi® will become their new go-to apple.”

Kanzi® apples are available to buy now in Tesco, Sainsbury’s and other leading stores across the UK.

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