isklar_sparkle_460mlIsklar Norwegian Glacial Natural Mineral Water is set to dazzle the market with the launch of a new lightly sparkling version.

The new sparkling offering, with millions of gentle bubbles, is now available in 460ml bottles for on-the-go shoppers and a larger 975ml for fine dining in restaurants and at home. As with Isklar’s still variety, the design communicates its pure and invigorating glacial origins, with a unique faceted bottle design, teal label and transparent cap, for a stunning visual effect.

Almost all sparkling mineral water bottles are cylindrical in cross section due to the internal pressure created by carbonated water, which pushes outwards. Each individual facet was analysed and modified. The combination of a unique curvature profile and a series of beading on the facet borders with a petaloidal base, provided a structurally sound sparkling bottle that matches the unique beauty of the still.

Isklar CEO, Peter Krogh says; “We are very excited about this launch and will be backing it with a specific advertising campaign as part of our £2.5m brand investment. With its eye catching bottle, Isklar sparkling is the perfect choice for the style and health conscious consumer, especially those who want a healthy sparkling drink on the go.”

Sparkling 975ml is £0.79

Sparkling 460ml is £0.49

Sparkling multipacks (6 x 975ml) is £4.45

Sparkling multipacks (6 x 460ml) is £2.49

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