poster-21“Little Big Shot is without doubt the best tasting energy shot in the market place,” according to Bert Jukes, the CEO of Little Big Shot Ltd.

Jukes, a former Entrepreneur of the Year Finalist, enlisted the help of some eminent Professors in food and nutrition and alongside their very experienced science team developed the ‘unique formulation’ for Little Big Shot. It has taken just over 5 years to bring it to the market, and Jukes is thrilled that it stands head and shoulders above all the competition as regards to taste.

Bert added, ”Taste is everything as far as consumers are concerned and that’s what we concentrated on. The additional ingredients make it unique as it contains real fruits and a special natural agent to mask the after taste, making it a great tasting experience.”

poster-31When your get up and go has got up and gone!

By offering their customers a healthier choice, Little Big Shot’s unique blend contains the perfect balance of active ingredients and special fruits that deliver that all round effect of instant vitality

Quick to drink, small in size and with no need to refrigerate, it delivers energy when and where you need it.

You don’t need energy drinks – you just need Little Big Shot!

A typical energy drink has 12 teaspoons of sugar, 200 calories, herbal stimulants and 16 ounces of fluid. This combination can make you feel jittery and then you come down with a crash.

So why don’t you drink a Little Big Shot? It has zero sugar, zero herbal stimulants, special fruit and as much caffeine as a cup of the leading premium coffee. And best of all, only 4 little calories.

Little Big Shot contains a powerful blend of B-vitamins, amino acids, essential nutrients, special fruits and all natural taste enhancer.

Little Big Shot has thousands of happy customers all over the UK and Ireland. At a local product launch in Glasgow, hundreds of people turned up to see the highly acclaimed indie band “The Vigo Thieves”, sponsored by Little Big Shot, and were delighted to sample the best tasting energy shot – see picture.

lbsUK National Expansion Plans

Little Big Shot has had several regional product launches which have produced fantastic sales. The success of the launches has opened the door for an opportunity to distribute Little Big Shot to the retail sector. Interested? Contact or call 08452 608020.

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