BOMBAY BRAMBLE is a new, creative expression of gin.  Its bold and rich colour and flavour come from a 100% natural fruit infusion with no added sugar – perfect for cocktail creativity. 

Available from 13 March in retailers and bars across the nation. RRP £23

BOMBAY SAPPHIRE®, the world’s leading premium gin brand continues to challenge conventional techniques by inviting consumers to discover a new world of colour and taste with the launch of BOMBAY BRAMBLE, a new gin bursting with natural berry flavours. Set to be transformational for the coloured gin category, BOMBAY BRAMBLE pushes the boundaries of flavour and colour by marrying the brand’s vapour distilled gin with a real fruit infusion that gives a distinct crimson colour and natural flavour.

BOMBAY BRAMBLE heralds a new era in the flavoured and coloured gin category by responding to recent consumer demand with a premium product created with real ingredients, natural flavours and colours. This sophisticated new gin is the result of a highly crafted, intensive process that challenges the common practice of other flavoured gins on the market which often use concentrates, additional sugars and additives to flavour the liquid.

The rich berried flavour captures the essence of fresh blackberries and raspberries harvested at their ripest moment and is perfectly balanced with the vibrant juniper notes of the gin. 

Ivano Tonutti, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE Master of Botanicals, commented: “Launching a flavour expression was always going to take time as it’s important that the taste experience comes purely from natural botanicals and ingredients. This is so we can offer even the most discerning gin drinkers the right balance of fruit flavour without compromising the quality of our core product. Master Distiller Dr. Anne Brock and I worked closely and carefully to infuse our gin with an exclusive maceration of berries that have been harvested at their ripest moment.”

As part of the brand’s commitment to creativity, BOMBAY BRAMBLE provides plenty of possibilities for cocktail experimentation with both simple and more complex cocktails. BOMBAY BRAMBLE is a unique coloured gin, crafted using a fruit infusion with no added sugar, that allows you to control the sweetness of each drink and tailor serves to suit varying flavour palates. Teaming with tonic and a squeeze of lemon will result in a well-balanced BOMBAY BRAMBLE & Tonic (best served stirred with tonic water and poured over ice in a wine glass), whilst the Clover Club appeals to a sweeter palette. Containing less than one unit of alcohol per 25ml (2.5cl) serving, a BOMBAY BRAMBLE and ‘Sonic’ (equal parts tonic and soda water) also answers the growing consumer appetite for mindful options such as longer, lower sugar* and lower ABV** drinks.

BOMBAY BRAMBLE is inspired by the modern classic and eponymously named gin cocktail, The Bramble, created in 1984. BOMBAY BRAMBLE simplifies the mixing of this iconic serve by offering both gin and berried fruit flavours in one spirit; an innovative way for bartenders and consumers to evolve this much-loved cocktail with ease. 

Victoria Morris, Global VP, BOMBAY SAPPHIRE commented: “BOMBAY BRAMBLE highlights our own unique approach to the gin category. We have focused on creating a gin that challenges what is possible for a flavoured and coloured expression. The result is a sophisticated, naturally flavoured gin that answers consumer demand whilst staying true to the core credentials of our brand’s global mission to ‘Stir Creativity’ – with a balanced gin that inspires cocktail experimentation.” 

BOMBAY BRAMBLE (RRP £23) is available at Sainsbury’s and Tesco from 13 March and will be available in the on-trade from Greene King locations plus many more from March onwards. The product will launch with a 360° campaign including in bar activations, point of sale, PR, OOH plus social and digital marketing.

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