London based Gunna Drinks Ltd has announced the launch of Gunna, an award-winning range of craft soft drinks.

Containing less than 5% sugar, Gunna represents a great opportunity for retailers looking to minimize the effect of sugar tax, which will drive consumers towards lower sugar products like Gunna.

The team behind Gunna has been inspired to shake up the mainstream soft drinks category, a sector of the market that is 4x bigger than water and 5x bigger than energy, but has seen relatively little true innovation recently.

Targeted at millennials, who are looking for more character and personality from brands, Gunna undertook extensive taste testing and quantitative research with thousands of consumers in their 20s and 30s, with the results demonstrating that consumers felt the mainstream carbonates category lacked personality and excitement, particularly compared to categories like craft beers, spirits and healthy snacking.

The result is a unique flavor profile that combines sweet, sour, bitter and spicy notes, creating a drink with true character, that millennials find more intriguing and complex than traditional soft drinks.

With lower sugar and the trend for millennials to drink less alcohol, Gunna represents a great opportunity for the on-trade as well as grocery, convenience and food service.

Inspired by soft drinks inspired by famous blends from around the world, the new range of craft drinks currently encompasses two flavours, Original (sparkling water, natural gingers and aromatic flavours) that was originally invented by the British Navy as a remedy for sea sickness and Steelworks (sparking water, natural gingers and cola tonic) based on a drink enjoyed by Cape Town’s thirsty steelworkers.

Two further SKUs have been launched in February with Pink Punk (a mix of sparkling water, natural raspberry and lemon) taking inspiration from the Shirley Temple cocktail, popular in Asia. Finally, Muscovite (sparkling water with natural lemon and mint) is a cloudy lemonade based on the delicious lemonade recipe famous in Moscow.

All four flavours are available in contemporary, stylish cans andpackaged in glass bottles designed for more premium drinking occasions.

CEO and founder Melvin Jay says of the launch, “We looked to the craft drinks market for inspiration which has seen rapid growth in recent years. Younger consumers feel that soft drinks lack real character both in terms of taste profile and personality, so we wanted to bring some true character back to carbonates and make it a sector that gets consumers excited.

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