On the lead up to Halloween, British dessert mix manufacturers Greens Cakes have launched two new dessert mixes, one Halloween Cookies and one Halloween Cupcakes.

The Halloween Cookies package comes with a mixture for the cookies themselves, alongside orange icing mix to make the colour of the pumpkin. Finally, the pack contains hazelnut flavour chocolate sauce to decorate the pumpkins face. The packaging for the cookies is recognizable as a Greens product, following the similar style as the rest, but with a spooky twist, showing the finished product Halloween Cookie in the forefront.

The second product, Halloween Cupcakes, are a scary twist to Greens normal cupcake packages, such as Barbie and Thomas the Tank! This product contains the cake mix, icing mix, and a hazelnut flavour chocolate sauce, to decorate the top of the cupcake in any way you want. The packaging shows the cupcake decorated with a spider web on top, using the icing.

Well known for the cake and dessert mixes they have created for years, Greens should have no problem with this product being successful this Halloween.

Greens Cakes


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