forest-walk-frontRetailers may be surprised to hear that the toilet rim block market is worth a staggering £58.9 million per year*.

With this in mind, it is perhaps not surprising that toilet cleaner brand Frish, is looking to extend its share of this market with its innovative alternative to traditional rim blocks – the Frish Stick.

With its gel technology, fresh fragrances and hygienic applicator Frish Stick offers an attractive, modern alternative to the traditional rim block for both new category entrants and existing purchasers looking for real efficacy.

ocean-breeze-frontLyndsay Jones, marketing manager for Frish, explains: “The rim block category has lacked much investment over the years but new delivery systems and fresh fragrances will continue to revitalise the category.

“Consumers are looking for value for money, innovation and product efficacy and Frish Stick ticks all these boxes.”

Frish Sticks’ bright, eye catching packaging has great shelf presence and is available in three uplifting fragrances: Rose Garden, Forest Walk and Ocean Breeze. Recommended selling price is £2.49.

* TNS 2008

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