fan-manFan-tastic Superhero cools hundreds on the sweltering Tube.

Emmi, Switzerland’s premier dairy company, launched a campaign this week to offer commuters some respite from the heat.

With the government recently announcing that the budget to cool carriages on the London Underground has been slashed by £10m, Emmi, the makers of ice cold coffee drink Caffe Latte, decided to take matters in to their own hands, unveiling Emmi FanMan.

The six-foot, fan-wielding, super-hero uses state of the art technology to blast those around him with a refreshing jet of cool air and is preparing to use his powers for the good of London’s commuters.

FanMan, who gets his name from his eye-catching super hero outfit and his cooling powers, will be riding the tube and visiting offices in London. Fans of the Emmi FanMan can follow his movements at and even request his presence on their tube line or in their office via his Twitter @EmmiUKLtd and Facebook Page

Julie Plant, Managing Director of Emmi UK, said: “With this summer expected to be one of the hottest since records began and no sign of plans to install air conditioning units on the underground, we felt it was time someone took a stand. Our job is to provide a refreshing lift for people and when we met FanMan we realised what good he could do and began planning who we could help with his powers.”

The campaign also sees sampling activity at several underground station entrances across the capital. Emmi Caffe Latte is a cool and refreshing iced coffee drink that is the ultimate cold on-the-go refreshment. It comes in a convenient re-sealable cup and can be enjoyed any time of day as a light refreshing drink.

For sales information, call our sales team on 020 8875 2540 or visit the website at

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